Prof. Alexandre Vazdekis visited Biruni Observatory

On March 4th and 5th, 2017, Prof. Alexandre Vazdekis from IAC institute in Spain, visited Biruni Observatory and Shiraz University. During this visit, Prof. Vazdekis talked with researchers and students about the current projects at Shiraz University.
A workshop on the traces of galaxy formation was also held at Biruni Observatory and as a key speaker, Prof. Alexandre Vazdekis devoted his talks to the fundamentals of galaxies’ spectra and discussed major questions in this field.
Researchers and students from different universities in Iran, in particular, Shiraz University, attended this workshop.
At the end of the workshop, students, and faculties of the Department of Physics (of Shiraz University) gathered in memory of Dr. Mehdi Jahan Miri, who passed away last year. Dr. Jahan Miri was the head of the Biruni Observatory for a period of two years almost 10 years ago. During this event, his colleagues and the member of his family spoke about his contributions to the department of Physics and to the Observatory.