Biruni Observatory News

  • 2021

    Biruni Observatory Weekly Webinars

    Biruni Observatory of Shiraz University has been trying to promote the field of astronomy and cosmology in the local region. For this reason, and due to the corona-virus pandemic situation, we have started to organize weekly webinars and inviting experts in different branches to present the recent developments or progress in their field of study and make students and researchers aware of current open questions. The webinars are usually organized for Mondays at 17:00 IR Time.
  • 2020/06/19

    An annular solar eclipse 2020 at Biruni Observatory

    The solar eclipse on June 21st, 2020 will broadcast live via the Biruni Observatory Instagram page (biruni.obs) for those who are interested to follow this event. In this event, we will be in touch with some great astrophotographers across the country to share their experiences. 
  • 2018/07/30

    Lunar Eclipse 2018 at Biruni Observatory

    The “Lunar Eclipse” on July 27th, 2018 was a best excuse to invite faculty members of the Department of Physics at Shiraz University, students, and their families to visit the Biruni Observatory and observing the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century. The event was organized with the help of students who are active at the observatory. Many small telescopes were used for observing the eclipse besides other beautiful planets such as Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. A large number of participants attended at the Biruni Observatory and marked a memorable night for the institute, and a welcoming message to those who are interested in visiting the observatory for the upcoming events. (Photo Credit: Soroush Kazemi)
  • 2018/04/15

    Astronomy Day 2018

    To raise the interest of the general public to the field of Astronomy, we are celebrating 2018 Astronomy Day on Friday, April 20 at historical Eram Garden in Shiraz. We cordially invite everyone to come and chat about the Universe and spend the time to observe celestial objects via our small telescopes.
  • 2017/9/26

    40th Anniversary of Biruni Observatory

    The 40th anniversary of Biruni Observatory will be held on Oct 11, 2017. Biruni Observatory was established in 1977, by Dr. Yousef Sobouti and Dr. Edward Guinan. Following the ceremony, the Biruni Observatory will be re-opened after a major renovation of the building and its facilities. In addition, there will be a one-day workshop on “Science with Small Telescopes” besides this event, on Oct 12, 2017.
  • 2017/4/23

    The Renovation of Biruni Observatory

    April 2017, Biruni Observatory of Shiraz University is undergoing a major renovation. The building is closed since March 2017 and the interior will be renovated for attracting more visitors and increasing facilities for public tours.

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  • 2017/3/4

    Prof. Alexandre Vazdekis visited Biruni Observatory

    On March 4th and 5th, 2017, Prof. Alexandre Vazdekis from IAC institute in Spain, visited Biruni Observatory and Shiraz University. During this visit, Prof. Vazdekis talked with researchers and students about the current projects at Shiraz University.

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  • 2016/8/30

    The President IAU Division C for Astronomy Education visited Biruni Observatory

    Prof. John Hearnshaw, the President IAU Division C for Astronomy Education, Outreach and Heritage Visited Biruni Observatory and Physics Department of Shiraz University on August 30th, 2016. During his visit, he discussed the possible future collaborations and organizing events by the help of Shiraz University.

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Weekly Seminars

  • Mar 7th, 2022

    Mar 7th, 2022

    Monday, April 12th, 2021


    Title:Correlation measures and phase structures in mixed systems
    Speaker: Mahdis Ghodrati (APCTP)
    Monday, Mar 7th, 2022
    17:00 – 18:00


  • Biruni Observatory in collaboration with the Persian Gulf University of Bushehr, Mehr Observatory of Bushehr, Physics department of Shiraz University and Scientific Associations of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Physics of Shiraz University will hold a lecture in the Department of Physics with a speech by Prof. Paulo Sergio Bretones. This program will also be broadcast live through the aparat page of Biruni Observatory, and after the program, the recorded video will be available on the aparat.

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  • Special webinar with physics Department

    Special webinar with physics Department

    Biruni Observatory and physics association of shiraz university manage this webinar as a collaboration. for attending you can use the link below

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  • World Astronomy Week 2021

    World Astronomy Week 2021

    Title: world astronomy week 2021

    To raise the interest of the general public to the field of Astronomy, we are celebrating 2021 Astronomy Day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 13, 14 and 15th, virtually via Biruni Observatory Skyroom platform and instagram account(@biruni.obs). We cordially invite everyone to join and chat about the beauties of the Universe.

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  • Question & Answer Session

    Question & Answer Session

    15 Feb 2021

    Title: Physics Open Day

    Biruni Observatory and the Physics department of Shiraz University will be holding a question and answer session with Prof. Cumrun Vafa from the Harvard University on February 20th, 2021 at 19:00 IR time.

  • Physics Open Day

    Physics Open Day

    14 December 2017

    Title: Physics Open Day

    Biruni Observatory and the Physics department of Shiraz University will be holding the Physics open day on December 14th, 2017, to introduce different aspects of Physics and Astronomy to the interested high-school students. Participants will be visiting the Biruni Observatory and the laboratories of Physics Department during the day and attending different introductory lectures on Physics.


  • One-day Workshop

    One-day Workshop

    12 October 2017

    Title: Science with Small Telescopes

    In the era of large and extremely large telescopes, the role of small telescopes is still important in astronomical research. Detection of exoplanets and studying low surface brightness galaxies are two prominent area of research activity that these small telescopes can contribute to the community these days. The aim of this workshop is to gather specialists and discuss how astronomers can benefit and learn from the small telescopes.


  • One-day Workshop

    One-day Workshop

    5 March 2017

    Title: Traces of Galaxy Formation

    Speaker: Prof. Alexandre Vazdekis (IAC, Spain)

    The workshop will take place on March 5th, 2017, at Biruni Observatory, Shiraz University. The aim of this workshop is to introduce the field of galaxy formation and evolution. The topics of the workshop are:
    • Stellar Populations
    • Galaxy Dynamics
    • Morphology

    Biruni Observatory Workshop




Biruni Observatory is the first professional astronomical observatory built in Iran after the Islamic Golden Age (8th – 15th centuries). The Biruni Observatory is located on top of a hill, in the northwest of Shiraz, and is connected to the main campus of the Shiraz University via Safa Road. The elevation of the observatory from the sea level is 1740 meters and about 180 meters above the city of Shiraz.

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Photos and vidoes of Biruni Observatory during the last four decades which have been taken by students and researches at this center or by visitors…

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About Us

About Us

Biruni Observatory was established in 1977 to become a center for education and research in astronomy and astrophysics. Over the last four decades, the activities in the observatory have been divided into two major educational and research groups. The research is done in theoretical and observational divisions. The observational groups basically conduct research by gathering data using different telescopes at the observatory or by collaboration with international teams…

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